Workshops & Events

Welcome to our Workshops & Events

Come and enjoy our beautiful retreat centre, where you can unwind, relax and soak up plenty of information. As well as meditation classes, we host a range of workshops and events from introduction to mindfulness and meditation, to seminars on how to understand our mind and emotions. There is also an option to have one-to-one and small group workshops for up to four people.

The aim of our workshops is to create an open and engaging space where group talks and discussions help to create a better understanding between our teachings and participants.

Each event is geared towards giving you the knowledge and tools that will help create more calmness in your life. These can run for a few hours to a whole day.

Typical events include…

  • Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop
  • Understanding Mind and Emotion Seminar
  • How to Follow You Joy Seminar
  • Law of Attraction Workshop

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