Welcome to the Home and Launch of Grounded

It’s my joy to bring into the world the teachings and understandings that took me from depression, anxiety, loneliness, poor self-esteem and a heavy sense of self to being in a state of joy, contentment, ease, peace and abundance. Little did I know four years ago my life was to take a major turn leading me down a path to self discovery and internal transformation.

Grounded, at its very core, is based on three key teachings. The first is mindfulness and meditation. It’s this very practice that will transform how we experience ourselves and then how we experience our reality. Through Grounded it’s my joy to be able to provide an understanding of mindfulness and meditation, to outline the practices, and provide direct experience through classes, seminars and workshops. If you can’t attend one of our events then follow us on social media and join our members area so you can soak up these teachings from wherever you are in the world.

The two other key teachings at Grounded are understanding self and alignment. With mental health issues on the rise, and depression at an all-time high we, as human beings, are being called upon to address our internal realities. We need to do this to begin to understand what makes us suffer and to begin to understand ourselves on a much deeper level. Teaching two is all about how to understand our mind and emotions. When we gain more clarity on why we suffer we can begin to break identification with beliefs that make us think and feel in a way that creates emotional pain in our lives. Teaching three is alignment which in essence is following our joy. It is when we no longer hold onto painful beliefs and past emotions so we naturally feel more joy and peace in our lives. This leads to personal expansion as we follow our natural joy. The ultimate goal is to find and bring about our life purpose. To feel true contentment is to be in service to others.

My life is in service to others and my life purpose is to help others move into a state of understanding, peace and contentment. We all have a life purpose. In order to uncover that which is already at our core we have to first understand ourselves. For that I give you Grounded.

So whether you wish to join our events or access our content, here at Grounded we have created platforms that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

I couldn’t have brought Grounded to life without the help of others, so a special thanks to those working behind the scenes and our MD Helen Fricker for her work, commitment and continued support.

From the Grounded Team

We hope to see you soon