The Bubble

How much longer can we continue to live in the bubble of our own illusions, the single pointed perspective of our own life and life situation. Its orientation is a service to self. I understand the importance of this to sum degree, yet it doesn’t truly allow for a much greater connection to the whole. In fact, the single pointed focus into self is actually a cutting off from the whole.

Now to serve beyond our own personal bubble does not require us to focus externally. The very opposite is true. What is required is for us to pop this bubble and expand beyond the awareness of the bubble itself.

Awakening is to wake up, just like we do every morning after a good night’s sleep. We awaken into our life situation. However we don’t awaken into the wonder of life, we awaken into our sense of self which is also our life situation.

Sense of self is our single pointed focus. It is the idea of who we are, supported by our life experiences. A state of focus streamlined into mind, plugged into the story of who we are, generated by a memory log of all that has been. When focus is plugged into mind we get our bubble. That bubble consists of me, the single perspective of my mind, and my body, my existence. But that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less, and this we call life.

When we relate to the world we do it through the bubble. We see things from how we have interpreted our own experiences. We are always seeing through the eyes of our past. What resonates with us we keep and what causes us discomfort mentally or emotionally we push away.

The bubble becomes reality. There’s no seeing outside of it. No knowing beyond it. It’s supported by this incessant noise in the head which we call thinking, but in truth it is mostly reflection. Yes, when in the bubble thinking is nothing more than reflection. An addiction to constantly reflecting on what has been generated through your experiences.

We project into the future what we feel we lack so that we don’t fully feel this lack.

Life for most is the bubble.

The bubble is responsible for all of the mess you see on the planet today. Its responsible for the discontent you feel in your own life, the disconnection you feel between others, and the disconnection you feel from within yourself.

The bubble is like this ….. Movie reference time.

The movie The Matrix shows a great way to describe what I’m pointing to. There are two states of existence within us. One where we are plugged into our own reality, where we exist as a single point and are the product of our life experiences. Behind that is a whole other reality, one that is much greater, much more alive and much more expanded.

Like in the movie when Neo’s plug is pulled he wakes up beyond the illusion of that reality he once used to believe was so true. When he awakens to the truth he becomes the one. He is no longer contained within the bubble. He expands into greater knowledge which enables him the ability to shape his reality moving beyond limitations. The one references the whole. For something to be whole means that there can be no other. In the bubble your are separate from other. Individual. Cut off from the whole, from the truth.

Now I’m not offering you the red or the blue pill, but I am offering you a viewpoint that’s beyond the bubble. To pull the plug and realise yourself beyond the perspective of just mind and body.

To say that our mind and life situation are not valid would be wrong. It’s this point of view that gives us the ability to have this experience. It’s only when we become stuck in this experience that we can’t truly enjoy it. Not only can we not truly enjoy it, we also can’t fully create the experiences we desire.

When we pop the bubble we realise the one more and more. No longer contained we have the ability to step out of mind, out of existence. Only from that place of seeing can we find wholeness, completion, abundance, joy, love, calmness and peace.

When the bubble pops you truly feel, taste, see and understand life as it is now.

Life without limitations. No longer the bubble of what’s been experienced and into the expanded view of the experiencer.

The experiencer is not something that you can understand on a mental level. You can’t make an object of it, you can only have direct experience of it. You are so very it you miss it completely.

Let go of yourself, your bubble and see what remains. Stay with that.