Self Awareness

Welcome to planet Earth, the place where the richest of learning lessons take place. This is the realm of forgetfulness. The realm of separation where souls become confined to a body cutting off all knowledge of that which they truly are. You are but the infinite creator plugged into a body to realise more of your infinite self. The question is how does the infinite creator that you are, learn more of its infinite self? 

The very basic of this realm for a human being is self-realisation step one. Self-realisation step one is when, at the age of between three and five, we become self aware. This first step of self-awareness is here is my body. The other reference to self-awareness is your position in regards to others. Here is my body, which I can acknowledge as me, and here is my name and personal sense of self in relation to others. This awareness of the body and its position regards to others creates the first realisation. How we’re reflected off others will create the psychological sense of self. How we feel and perceive ourselves will be the product of how others see us.

From step one of self-realisation the lessons of learning are already being put into place. Step one creates the very first and almost deepest rooted belief that we are separate from others. This belief becomes the ground of aloneness and drives the basic instincts to be close to others. This drive pushes us closer to the parents. This push towards the parents creates the rest of the painful beliefs that we accumate that set all the groundwork for the lessons we wish to learn on a soul level.  

Even in your adult life your whole sense of self was created in your childhood. Although you may be 40 you are still, in most cases, looking through your child-like conditioning. Many negative beliefs that we accumulate as a child are created through accommodating for our parents needs rather than our own. In our childhood we abandon ourselves to be what our parents want us to be. As we allow this moulding to take place we actually take on our parents conditioning. We become like our mothers or fathers. We become the human condition that has been passed on for thousands of years.

The human condition has many faces but all faces are painful because they are born out of separation, aloneness and shame. Separation because we believe that we are separate from others, loneliness because we believe no one understands us, and shame because we feel like we never have had our own voice and understanding as we conform to our parents desires and society. Any aspect of ourselves that is rejected and shamed by the parent we reject in ourselves. We build patterns of self-hate, self-sabotage, beliefs of powerlessness, beliefs of not being good enough, and beliefs of not being wanted.

In our childhood we learn how to avoid our own negative emotions. We teach ourselves self-rejection and create our own inner teacher that lashes ourselves to lighten the pain of being lashed by others. The voice we find in our head most of the time is very destructive. The reason for its destructiveness is because its trying to reduce the amount of pain that the beliefs we hold cause us to feel. Notice how the main drive for the voice in your head is to protect yourself from others reactions. The human condition is to abandon yourself in regard for others. Even in our adult life we are still generating our sense of self through the reactions and feedback of others. We actually look to the world and the people in it to stop us looking at ourselves. We unconsciously try to heal these painful beliefs we hold externally.

We seek money for lack, a partner for loneliness, and material things for contentment. The focus for our lives becomes emotional avoidance, the pain of being other. This conditioning sets up the dark reality from which the light within gains contrast when it begins to illuminate.

The first step in illumination is understanding the conditioning, seeing it operate in yourself, which begins the process of awakening. Self-realisations are when you gain a deeper perspective of what you once took to be yourself. As you see patterns of the conditioning in yourself, and you’re able to observe (what is generally on autopilot) what you take to be yourself, you begin the process of seeing what is not truly you. This is the false sense of self and this process begins to take the momentum out of it. As patterns become seen they begin to fall away by your lack of engagement with them. Every time you break a pattern your consciousness frees more of itself up. The breaking of these patterns allows more knowledge of your more expanded self, the limitless nature of your infinite self. All beliefs limit you. You become limited to that belief and so when you start seeing your limitations and they begin to break you find that behind that you are limitless.

To grasp the limitless nature of your being first you must understand what limitations are and so through our conditioning comes about a rich environment for self discovery.

However, only through more self-awareness can we begin to awaken to the wonder of our true nature.