God is Life

You have lived before. You have lived every life ever lived and every life to be lived. You are all lives for you are life itself. The source of it all. The infinite intelligence of the whole. The one. The indescribable. Unfathomable. The unity of, dare I say it, God. 

An uncomfortable word for some. Meaningless to others, and the route of thousands of years of death, destruction and control for human beings. It is amazing how one word holds so much power. How much emotion has been given to the term.

We have all looked externally of ourselves when life has become hard, painful or even joyous. Some might use it in every aspect of their lives. Some in times of need. Others as a last resort in a moment of despair. God for most is an external force. Something other than yourself, that has power over our ability to live a rich life or a poor one, a joyous life or a painful one. For most of us we are the victims of our external realities. Life is happening to us. I am me and you are you.

Our lives are plagued by this real tangible feeling that I am separate from everything else. There is the world external of me and then there’s the position from which I perceive it. At first this position seems like a localised point that I can experience myself as other. But look a little deeper and you might find something staring you in the face.

The only thing that’s truly other in your experience is your personal sense of self. You can remove your focus from your current reality and think about a million and one things, but you can’t remove your body. You can’t separate your body from the world and its objects, people and things.

Where would you take it? Where would you go? No matter what you could conjure up there is no escaping that you need the world to live. On one level you might think you’re separate but on another level you are completely dependent on life. More than dependant. One with life. Life beats your heart. Life renews your body. Life connects everything in one unity. You and life are but the same. God in truth is the magnificence of life. Take a moment to step back and see how intelligent life is; that’s God.

God is everything so why look external of yourself? If I am one with life then surely the whole of life is within me. The question is why do I not know it directly?

Your beliefs!

The strongest belief is that I am separate. That I exist independently. That I am a name, a job, a mum, a dad, a profession. Your belief in other is a movement away from life. It’s actually life moving away from its own self-knowledge! God, under the illusion of other, is the greatest trick ever created. The veil from which life surprises itself. 

That veil is me. My personal sense of self. My beliefs and associations create my thought structures which enable me to think. My personal sense of self is other. It’s the only other in existence. Although it’s made up of life, it’s other in comparison to life. I am David, which implies that I have become other from that which I truly am. I have moved away from my centre and become something. I am is what you truly are. Add nothing to it and what remains? When you are not moving away, becoming other, all that remains is life. Dare I say it God. 

We don’t need to find god or pray to god. We just need to remove the veil that separates us from God. Personal is other. Other is separation and separation is a belief in a movement away from life. When you really grasp this and see that your mind is other, personal sense of self is other, thought is other, all that remains is the point from which life is one; our true sense of self. That which has no name, no separation, the presence of I am. That which you are. That which unites us all. God. Life.    

Mindfulness and meditation is the process of removing the veil and realising life, the greatest trick ever played.