Emotional Intelligence

What are emotions? In a nutshell they are what allows you to experience a thought. Without emotions thought would hold no value. Your ability to master your emotions will give you the ability to create and manifest all that you wish to experience.

Whenever we think in a way that expands us we experience a feeling of joy. Think positive things and the result is you feel in a positive way. All positivity is in expansion whether that be in a career, wealth, health, relationships, creativity. You name it, if it feels good it is expanding you. Another thing to note is that feeling good also holds no containment of emotion in you. There is a flow in it, a unity to it. It doesn’t create a pooling effect in the body. When we are feeling this joy we have an internal acknowledgement of an inner yes. This feels right. So joy and expansion are innate in your being. This is the beginning of understanding your emotional compass. Hold your focus on your expansion and you will create anything you place your focus on. Sounds easy right?

While it is all sweet smelling roses on the surface, following our joy seems easy. We can call this our light side. The side in which we acknowledge. The side in which we seem most aware of. Who’s not aware of what they want?

So why do we not see a world of joy, peace and individual expansion?

The Shadow

True emotional intelligence comes from one that has integrated their shadow side. So what is the shadow side? Our shadow is created in our childhood. It contains all the negative thoughts and beliefs created when we were born into a world where no one takes responsibility for their own emotional pain. Generation after generation of sleeping human beings have kept their focus externally by trying to banish the pain and wrong they see in others and in the world to avoid feeling their own. However, to see the pain in others and in the world must first come from a painful place of seeing. Our shadow is the side in which we refuse to see. Instead we project it outwards onto the world. When we stop someone from acting in a way that angers us it stops us from feeling it yourself. This is where all control comes from. We live in a state of control and the control is there to stop us from feeling our own pain. This is the side we must look at if we are to create a new world. This shadow aspect is the pull we feel that stops us achieving what we desire.

Contained in our shadow is all our beliefs in lack. Not being good enough, not being loved, not being wanted, not being able to get our needs met, to name a few. All our beliefs which cause emotional pain are banished to our subconscious mind. They were created through painful events or relationships that threatened our survival or ability to stay close to a parent  and so we refuse to acknowledge them, until they become triggered.

All beliefs are shaping reality. What you believe you see, and so your negative beliefs are also creating the pain you see and feel in your life.

Here’s where emotional intelligence comes into play and where true expansion can thrive and accelerate. How do we begin to see our shadow side more clear? By the feeling or emotional response it creates.

Negative emotion creates tension. It creates a pooling of energy in our stomach region leading up to heart and throat. This energy block and heavy feeling is our emotional feedback loop that indicates right now you are aligned or seeing in a way that doesn’t serve you. It’s at this critical time that one takes the steps to look within and see what we are believing in that is creating pain. Don’t look at the event otherwise you will keep experiencing the same events. Instead turn your gaze and identify the core belief.

The more you are able to look at your shadow the greater your ability to stop pushing it away and begin the process of casting your inner light on it. This will begin an inner transformation that will begin to change your external for the better.

The way in which we see the shadow side is in our ability to be with our emotions, to feel and acknowledge every part of our being. This is emotional intelligence.