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Emotional Intelligence

Published: Sunday 20th October 2019   Category: News

What are emotions? In a nutshell they are what allows you to experience a thought. Without emotions thought would hold no value. Your ability to master your emotions will give you the ability to create and manifest all that you wish to experience.

Self Awareness

Published: Friday 11th October 2019   Category: News

Welcome to planet Earth, the place where the richest of learning lessons take place. This is the realm of forgetfulness. The realm of separation where souls become confined to a body cutting off all knowledge of that which they truly are.

The Bubble

Published: Sunday 15th September 2019   Category: News

How much longer can we continue to live in the bubble of our own illusions, the single pointed perspective of our own life and life situation. Its orientation is a service to self. I understand the importance of this to sum degree, yet it doesn’t truly allow for a much greater connection to the whole. In fact, the single pointed focus into self is actually a cutting off from the whole.

God is Life

Published: Monday 9th September 2019   Category: News

You have lived before. You have lived every life ever lived and every life to be lived. You are all lives for you are life itself. The source of it all. The infinite intelligence of the whole. The one. The indescribable. Unfathomable. The unity of, dare I say it, God.

An Introduction to Mindfulness

Published: Monday 2nd September 2019   Category: News

What does the term mindful mean? We see this word and associate it with a way of becoming more aware of our thoughts. Or maybe it’s about not thinking at all. That would be nice right!?

Welcome to the Home and Launch of Grounded

Published: Saturday 29th June 2019   Category: News

It’s my joy to bring into the world the teachings and understandings that took me from depression, anxiety, loneliness, poor self-esteem and a heavy sense of self to being in a state of joy, contentment, ease, peace and abundance.

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