About Grounded & What We Do

About Us

At Grounded we lay the foundations to give you the ability to create more calmness in your life. Through mindful techniques and teachings we help you gain the ability to stay more relaxed, focussed, and centred no matter what life throws at you.

No matter where your interest lies we can provide the foundation that will enable you to have more peace within. This could be learning the basic techniques to relax your body and be more mindful in your life to joining our member’s area where you can access in-depth teachings on how we can transform our whole reality.

The core of grounded UK is focused around three key teachings which are designed to develop more self-awareness in your life.

Take a look around our online home. Book a class to get a taste, dive in deep with a weekend retreat. Or book a one day workshop. Feel free to contact us regarding any questions you have or information you require.