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Creating Calmness in your Life

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Welcome to the home of Grounded. From here you can access all of our retreat information, book classes, and engage with our content. You can even sign up to our online members area where you can soak up articles, videos and a whole array of information that will take you through a journey of true self-transformation.

Our Aim

At Grounded we aim to give you the tools to create calmness in your life. We do this by offering a platform from where you can access information designed to give you the ability to be more mindful, calm and relaxed.

Our Goal

The world we live in is full of interactions. Everyday we are engaging with people in the workplace, with our friends, our family members and everyone and thing in-between. All of this interaction can leave us stressed and even anxious. Often the things happening around us are out of our control. All we ever truly have control over is our ability to deal with how we react to the world. The greater our ability to stay calm and centred within, the greater the ability to have more of a harmonious experience with the world.

Who Are We

At Grounded we aim to give you the tools to create calmness in your life.

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" There is the world, your body, thoughts and emotions, all happening within your awareness. When awareness itself is seen then the absolute is realised. "
David Cronin
Founder, Grounded